Thursday, June 23, 2011

Google Street View Halted in Bangalore

Just a few brief weeks after Google Street View cars started driving on the streets of Bangalore, India, Google has halted its efforts. It's been confirmed that this is the result of an official notice from the Bangalore Chief of Police.
According to a Google spokesperson, Google "received a letter from the Commissioner of Police regarding Street View. We are currently reviewing it and have stopped our cars until we have a chance to answer any questions or concerns the Police have."
There has been some confusion on why Google is being halted, however, since Google stated they were working with the authorities when they started the project last month. "Google is coordinating with the local police and federal government agencies to get clearances and keep them informed about what the company is doing," said Vinay Goel, product head of Google India, according to CIO.
Apparently Google hasn't shown the proper paperwork.
“They (Google) said they had the necessary clearances, including that from the ministry of defence, but so far they have not produced these,” assistant commissioner, T Sunil Kumar told Business Standard. “So, we have asked them to produce the documents before going ahead.”

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