Saturday, June 18, 2011

Up Close With Google’s Search By Image: Hits, Misses & More

Earlier this week at its Inside Search event, Google announced a new way to search the web called Search By Image. Rather than enter a text query, Search By Image lets you begin your search with an image and Google will (try to) tell you what it is and show visually similar images.
Search By Image isn’t the first start-with-an-image search engine, and isn’t even Google’s first version of this kind of search tool. (TinEye has offered reverse image search since May 2008, and Google Goggles was Google’s first search-by-image tool back in 2009.) But Google is the big and new kid on the block, so we’ve taken an in-depth look at how Search By Image works — including when it’s at its best and worst.

How Google Search By Image Works

Search By Image is available now at or via the “Images” tab in the left-side menu on You should see a small camera icon on the far right side of the search bar.

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