Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yahoo Builds App Search For PC, AppSpot For iPhone, Android

Shashi Seth, SVP of Search & Marketplaces at Yahoo believes that mobile apps are like websites in the early days of the internet and will only continue to multiply just as websites have done, seemingly exponentially. Regardless of whether the analogy is 100 percent accurate everyone agrees that app discovery has become a big problem. It has given rise to an Amazon app store and several independent app-discovery sites like Chomp.
Mobile (and increasingly desktop) apps are are an important new content category that Seth believes must be addressed by search. Accordingly, this evening Yahoo is launching app search for the PC and a mobile app-search app, called AppSpot, for iPhone and Android. Eventually Yahoo wants to index RIM and Windows Phone apps, Seth told me.
Both app search on the PC and the AppSpot mobile apps are intended to make apps more discoverable and provide more context. App search will be available in general Yahoo search but also have its own dedicated “vertical” area. Apps will also show up in Yahoo Search Direct.

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