Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gmail Man Stages Email Intervention

Microsoft and Google seem to be battling it out over email. Cloud based email services to be exact. Earlier this week Google launched a campaign promoting Gmail, calling users to stage an 'Email Intervention', and "save your friends from outdated email". Within a day, Microsoft seemed to have responded with a video about the 'Gmail Man', who snoops your email.
It seems to be merely a coincidence that the two videos came out at the same time.
Whilst the Gmail man video squarely pitches Google's cloud based email service against Microsoft's new cloud based email service, Office 3-6-5, according to ZDnet, the production team behind the Gmail man video are the usual suspects for internal communications at Microsoft. This video looks like it was only intended to 'rally the troops', namely the salesteam - not an uncommon practice within any company. SEW reached out to Microsoft, but they declined to comment.
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