Sunday, July 10, 2011

With ‘Millions’ Of Users & Growing, Google+ Set To Power All Google Products

With the Google+ user base already in the millions and growing, Google is planning heavy investments in it and will eventually use Plus as the infrastructure behind all of the company’s products.
Speaking to reporters this week in Idaho, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said Google is pleased with the early response to Plus and is planning to use its core identity and “circles” features across Google products.
“The current inclination of the company,” Schmidt said, “is to invest heavily … we test stuff and, when it works, we put a lot more emphasis on it. So, Google+ — all the signs are very positive, so now the whole company is ramping up on top of it.”
Schmidt said he didn’t know the exact number of Google+ users, but said it was in the “millions.” (Early this week, Google+ user Paul Allen — who co-founded and is now Chief Revenue Officer at — used surname distribution data from the US Census Bureau to estimate that Plus had about 1.7 million users as of Monday.)

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