Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Key Things I Learned From Working at a Search Startup

Four years ago, I joined a relatively new company called Commerce360 – then a digital agency with a strong focus on search. The company was formed by two serial technology entrepreneurs, Lucinda Duncalfe and Craig Danuloff, with the explicit goal of finding a technology opportunity.
We were early customers of some second generation search technology, but quickly hit the limit of what existing tools could do. We had found our technology opportunity and made the switch to a software company.
Shortly afterward, I took over the marketing role and we rebranded as ClickEquations. In early June, ClickEquations was acquired by Channel Intelligence. Later this month, I’ll be joining H. Bloom as director of marketing.
I’ve learned a lot in my time in the search community, which has always been very generous with its knowledge. In my continuing effort to give back, here are the 10 key things I learned working at a search startup. It’s a mix of tips about search marketing, B2B marketing, and life at a startup.

1. Education is Everywhere

When I started marketing ClickEquations, I knew very little about paid search – something of a problem when your product is for search marketing.
The good news is that there is a tremendous amount of training on search marketing and articles are constantly being written.
  • Conferences: If you’re new to search, you must attend at least one search conference. It’s the quickest way to get immersed in the field and you just can’t get that kind of in-person networking anywhere else. They’re held throughout the year in cities including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco (SES San Francisco is just a couple weeks away). Make a point of going to the parties and social events. Trading notes with peers often reveals a lot of tricks and contacts you wouldn’t get elsewhere.
  • Email newsletters: The great thing about PPC is that it changes on an almost weekly basis. The easiest and lowest time commitment way to subscribe to the two major email newsletters from Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.
  • Blogs: In addition to the two major search news sites, blogs are the best source of current, practical information in the field. Need to learn about remarketing? The best way to use sitelinks? The help files only get you so far. I recommend these:
  • Twitter: Twitter has mostly replaced my RSS reader to find interesting articles and get breaking news. It’s also a great place to network with other PPC professionals. The best example is the #ppcchat hashtag conversation that happens every Tuesday or so. Here’s a streamcap from a recent chat. This is a good list of PPC people on Twitter to start following.

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