Saturday, August 6, 2011

Google “I Love Lucy” Logo For Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday

If she were alive, it would be the 100th birthday of comedian Lucille Ball. For that anniversary, Google’s done a special logo, in the shape of a television and which plays several clips from classic “I Love Lucy” episodes.
By default, Google’s own name appears in the familiar “I Love Lucy” opening heart and script.
To tune in, just click on the “channel” knob on the TV. To change channels, click again, and  a different clip will play.
Yesterday, I was hoping that Google would do something for her anniversary, even wishing they’d feature the chocolate conveyor belt episode. I really had no idea that would come true, but it did!
Be sure to check out the logo and see Lucy, as well as Desi, Ethel and Fred in action. Google blogs a bit more about the special logo here.

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