Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google Lashes Out Against Apple, Microsoft Patent “Conspiracy”

Google’s Chief Legal Officer David Drummond has lashed out at rivals Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and unnamed others for waging what he says is “a hostile, organized campaign against Android,” using “bogus patents.”
Drummond asserts that Google’s rivals have joined together in an “anti-competitive” cabal of sorts that uses patent law almost as a pretext to attempt to “strangle” Android. (The phrase “anti-competitive” is self-consciously used four times in his post.) Drummond contends that Google’s rivals are threatened by or unable to compete with Android’s momentum (citing Android’s 550,000 daily activations) and have resorted to this nefarious strategy to make Android more expensive for hardware makers and consumers.

Making Android More Expensive

Raising the cost hardware manufacturers must pay for Android is explicitly what Microsoft is trying to do with its patent-licensing demands (vs. HTC and Samsung). Steve Ballmer has said so very directly. Microsoft is also seeking to generate revenue from Android, which it is starting to do.

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